Simple, quick laboratory tests

Many practical examples show the need for regular plant hygiene audits. Poor plant hygiene may lead to the infection of the finished products, endangering the efficiency of preservation normally used in the production process. The preventive control of the microbiological condition of the production equipment, the raw materials, the in-process and finished products significantly increases the safety of production, and helps to prevent customer complaints.




With the help of the minilab and the incubator You can find the weak points of the plant, the raw materials and the finished product from a microbiological point of view, and You can take the necessary actions. It is suitable for the simple, quick, efficient detection of bacteria, yeast, mould or sulphate reducing anaerobic bacteria.

CULTURA – microbiological incubator

A useful addition to the microbiological minilab. With its help You can perform microbiological tests under controlled, ideal conditions and quickly. The temperature in CULTURA can be set to and safely maintained at 30-35°C, ideal for bacterial or mould growth. (Temperature range: 25-45°C.)

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