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Our company offers the whole range of chlorine and chlorine free swimming pool chemicals (primarily in large packaging). With the appearance of modern swimming pool technology, new pools and spas, swimming pools, these chemicals become more widely used in Hungary. They are available as granules, tablets of various sizes, powders packaged in bags, or liquids.


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Designation Item No. % Form
Chlorine granule H5001-50 min. 56% granule 20-40 mesh
Chlorine tablet, fast dissolving H5002-50 min. 56 % tablet 20g
Chlorine tablet, slow dissolving H5003-50 tablet 200g
Chlorine stabilizer H5006-50 min. 98% granule 20-40 mesh
Multifunctional tablet H5007-50 min. 86% tablet 200g
pH Minus – H5008-50 100% granule
Algaecide H5014-25 min. 50% liquid
Algaecide (non-foaming) H5014-25 min. 10% liquid

Packaging: in 50 kg drums, 30 kg cans or 25 kg bags.