SANOSIL SUPER 25 and the related products are 50% hydrogen peroxide based products stabilized with a silver compound, and are excellent water treatment agents and disinfectants. The biological product family is suitable for the quick and effective decomposition of fats, organic matters. We also offer in the Hungarian market quick tests, highly efficient and widely applicable measuring instruments, minilabs, photometers and accessories, dosing units, and atomizers and sprayers.
These products are well proven in drinking water and sewage treatment, or as swimming pool chemicals and personal care plant disinfectants.




The SANOSIL products can be used well

  • For drinking water treatment
  • For the disinfection of drinking water systems
  • In the food processing industry for many uses as general disinfectants, for the CIP system as well
  • In drink production, mineral water bottling for the disinfection of plastic bottles, bottles, vessels, production lines, walls and walking surfaces, the air space, the social rooms, etc.
  • As microbiological disinfectants for thermal spas, swimming pools
  • As chlorine-free disinfectants for jacuzzis, saunas
  • For the algae control, disinfection of fire water, cooling water, boiler water, power plant water
  • As disinfectants for hospitals
  • As disinfectants in personal care, beauty salons, solariums, pedicure salons
  • As excellent chemicals for fish ponds, fish farms
  • In animal husbandry – as disinfectants for animal watering water and equipment, stable surfaces
  • As effective disinfectants in the personal care industry
  • As effective disinfectants in the pharmaceutical industry
  • For surface and air space disinfection in hospitals, clinics
  • They are effective against the avian flu H5, H7, H9 viruses
  • They are very effective bactericide, fungicide, virucide products
Product Name Active Ingredient Application
Sanosil Super 25 Ag Hydrogen peroxide – Water treatment agent, disinfectant
Sanosil CID3 Polyquaternary compound – Algaecide swimming pool chemical
Prolibac Biological product – Decomposition of fats in discharge channels
– Sewage treatment