The EuroMinerals company self-developed a major technical solution for the inliqu product group.






Inliqu is a slurry with 72% dry matter content of pure TiO2 and / or TiO2 + calcium carbonate.
It is recommended for paint and plaster manufacturers and paper industry, for indoor and outdoor applications too.


  • reducing the amount of TiO2 pigment – it is costeffective
  • Energy and production cost savings – no dispersion, only mixing (substitution is possible in 1: 4 ratio)
  • Öcologically advantageous – there is no waste after empty packing material
  • High coloring power and good colorations posibility
  • in the production should be calculated with the corection of wetting and dispersing agent quantity
  • There is no sticking risk
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content
  • Flexible compositions, can be produce different compositions of slurries based of request of our customers (slurry made with different fillers and TiO2)
  • Storage stability is 12 months.
  • Packaging: IBC