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We expanded our product porfolio with hight quality raw materials for paint and plasters-, plastik- and paper Industry. We distribute the filling materials of euroMinerals GmbH.

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We are the Hungarian reseller of the hight quality raw materials of the company euroMinerals. We recommend this products to paint and plaster industry, plastics and paper industries.

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As a professional partner and distributor of EuroMinerals, we supply their top quality fillers in Hungary: high-toned talcum, dolomite, zeolite, and TiO2 replacement products the Inbond TI8C family.
Their best-known raw material the talc, is a very high quality source,with high whitness,
which comes from EuroMinerals’ own Austrian and Slovak talc mines.

We are standing at disposal of our customers, with a permanent stock in Budapest.

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more informations


incomp intalc indolo inzeo inbond inliqu
incomp ASE Super intalc 8CG indolo 8 inzeo mono 15/5 inbond Tl8C inliqu TC 1003
incomp ASE60 intalc 10CG indolo 12 inzeo mono 50/7 inbond Tl8P inliqu TSK 1050
incomp BC Micro intalc 30CG indolo 20 inbond Tl8SP inliqu TSK 1055
incomp BC Standard intalc 40CG indolo 40 Zeolith 0-200
incomp BC Super intalc 60LA indolo 60
incomp BC60 intalc 20LA
incomp KL30 intalc 12060LA
incomp SE Micro intalc 6020LA
incomp SE Standard intalc 40 V-WHT
incomp SE Super intalc 60 LA Pharma
incomp SE Super Plus