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Ferrara Design paint from Italy!

Mediterran atmosfere, Italian feeling of life, special effects on the wall becouse of the nice game of the light on the surface

The decor interior wall paint is made in Italy, and you can enjoy the beautiful and interesting warm colors, unique and elegant wall surfaces. They are also available for everyone, they are easy to apply, even as “do it yourself”. The product is ready for use, does not need to be diluted.

Formaldehid free! Very low harmful emission internal paint!

Interesting, valuable, worthwhile!

A+ classification: This classification it means of assessing the level of pollution that a particular product is going to make to the air of a closed environment. If a product do not contain any VOC s or in just very low quantity , than they are always classified as A+, since they do not release any toxic substances into the air.

In recent years the desire to measure the impact of products on the environment and the wellbeing of people has increased dramatically: air pollution, even in indoor environments, has become a recurring theme that all players in the construction industry have to take into consideration.
A new label of environmental classification has emerged that allows being able to assess the level of air pollution of an indoor environment caused by a given product, including in particular and not only, pollutants such as Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs.
These compounds, particularly harmful to the environment and the wellbeing of humans, are extremely volatile and may therefore easily spread into the environment.
The Ferrara Design paint classifies as A+, since they do not release or verry low quantity of toxic substance into the environment.