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We offer a wide range of personal care grade preservatives to be used in:

  • Rinse off
  • Leave on

products. (They contain active ingredients approved for use in the personal care industry.)

Product Name Product Description
Microcare Ÿ IT A high purity CIT/MIT based aqueous formulation for rinse off personal care products. For the broad spectrum control of bacteria, moulds and yeasts.
Microcare Ÿ CB A CIT/MIT and benzyl alcohol containing formulation suitable for heavy duty applications. Effective for the control of bacteria, yeasts and moulds even in low concentrations.
Microcare Ÿ MT termékek A methyl-isothiazolinone based product family for universal application. Highly effective even in low concentrations.
Microcare Ÿ MTD1/ MTD2 A highly effective methyl isothiazolinone and decylene glycol based preservative for universal application. Suitable for the new “green” products, as well as for baby products. Highly effective even in low concentrations.
Microcare Ÿ PM 2/ 3/ 4 Formulations containing various parabens in phenoxyethanol, with an antimicrobial effect.
Microcare Ÿ PM5 A formulation with optimum effectiveness. The blend of methyl-, ethyl-, propyl-, butyl- and isobutylparaben in phenoxyethanol. High fungicide effect.
Microcare Ÿ BNA Benzyl alcohol. An excellent broad spectrum microbiocide for personal care.
Microcare Ÿ IMP A synergistic combination of parabens and a formaldehyde donor. For application in all personal care products.
Microcare Ÿ SI A broad spectrum preservative. A synergistic blend of several active ingredients, in rigid halogen bond, free from formaldehyde and formaldehyde-spender. Not sensitive to temperature and has a broad pH range. The active ingredient is not listed yet in Annex 6 to the Personal Care Products Act. Approval pending.

Please feel free to contact our colleagues for further information on preservatives meeting the requirements for Ecocert, BDIH, natural, etc. personal care products, newly developed emollients, our silicone and quat products!