THOR GmbH is a multinational company founded in 1959. Its European production plants are located in Germany, England, Spain, Italy and France.

It offers everything from purely isothiazolinone based preservatives to a wide range of products blended with various aldehydes, biguanides, triazine and ureide derivatives, quaternary ammonium salts, etc.

The THOR products provide excellent protection as wet-state and dry-film preservatives.

The formulations under the brand name ACTICIDE® are used in large quantities primarily in the household chemical industry, the personal care industry, the paint industry, in water treatment, in the leather industry, the paper industry, and the ceramic industry.

In 2002 we introduced a new product family into the Hungarian market: the MICROCARE® personal care preservatives (parabens and their blends).

The excellent wet-state and dry-film preservatives of THOR GmbH are marketed to the industry:

  • general and industrial detergent production
  • leather industry
  • paint industry
  • metal working fluids
  • ceramic and porcelain production
  • personal care and household chemical industry
  • mineral oil industry
  • agricultural chemical preservation
  • plastic industry
  • paper industry
  • adhesive production
  • sealing production
  • water treatment