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PS-Photonox is a special photocatalytic pigment, in a silicate filler matrix.
Sunlight / UV light / artificial light destroys harmful exhaust gases, odors, organic substances, fats, reduces the amount of bacteria and mushroom spores in the air, blocks the formation of moss and algae on outdoor surfaces.

It induces a constant self-cleaning process.

It can be used on natural stone, concrete or roof tiles and tiles

  • on glass (glass facades, window glass, shop windows, winter gardens, glazed tiles)
  • indoor community facilities (eg schools, seminars, cinemas, concert halls, hotels, restaurants, etc.)
  • in sterile environments (for example, in office rooms – Photonox works with artificial lighting as well, 100 lux is already sufficient to activate it)
  • When cleaning the ornamental fountain, our technicians are also very successful in improving energy efficiency and protecting the environment-
  • actively contributes to the improvement of air, surfaces and environmentbe used on almost all building materials, especially on porous surfaces:




This is the environmental friendly solution for the future!

PHOTO product family containing photocatalytic pigment

  • PHOTO San
  • PHOTO Klar
  • PHOTO Tex