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for waterborne and solvent based systems

The matting agents of the PS-Matt series have been specifically developed by Pigmentsolution with the aim to provide an optimal interaction with the viscoelastic film in the formation phase. By this operation, PS-Matt products are able to generate an excellent matting effect.

PS-Matt 60, 601, 112 are the favorites in the group.


  • high shear stability, grinding constancy
  • no formation of hard sediment during storage
  • no influence on the curing
  • no impairment of the inter-layer adhesion
  • abrasion-resistant films of high surface quality
  • no fogging
  • minimal effect on the mechanical film properties , such as hardness or flexibility
  • minimal effect on the weathering resistance

PS-Matt is completely amorphous.

We known from long time experience that the use of PS-Matt does not cause any health damage. Synthetic amorphous silica has an acute toxicity of LD50 greater than 5000 mg / kg. PS-Matt does not irritate the skin and eyes.

PS-Matt additives are manufactured with continuous quality control. Quality assurance does not only control chemical-physical properties but also efficacy and other specific properties.

PS-Matt additives are excellent from quality and very effective products.